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Research and development is the main activity of the MIE Ltd, anything other is done only to strengthen the same. Its aim is to better the technologic conditions for the mass application of the computing technology. These conditions are searched, and there are developed new tools of the information technology and electronics to satisfy them.


One of the given technological conditions being improved is the man-machine interface of the text input. Many new tools and methods are tried out, but in spite of the hopes and needs the traditional typewriter keying remained ruling up to now.


Our work is based on the expired patent from 1987 of  a one handed position-free wearable input device intended primarily for text input - the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) published it under No. 93/15476. This is a menu selector mounted on the hand, called commercially "keyboard grown on fingertips". There exists the algorithm that renders the whole functionality of a traditional QWERTY keyboard and the mouse with that device. It is accomplishable with the same functionality on touch-screen displays too. Here it also possesses one of the advantages of the above device: the operation of the hand with the stylus on the touch-screen shouldn't be followed by the eye - similarly to the "keyboard grown on fingertips" -, as it should be done with the solutions being now usual on touchscreen.  The eye and so the attention concentrates continuously on the figure shaping at the site of the text input. There it evokes and traces the building-up selection of the sign put in. Therefore I name it letter-builder writing or sign-selector writing.


Outcomes of our work have been published at three academic conferences beyond the above patent publication. Those and later messages of us are coming up at this internet home page. Recently we have been specifying development objectives for Master and/or PhD dissertations to information-science universities in order to prove four of our work-hypotheses. We could do the first steps of the development with the programs made for the dissertations, and would provide evidence for the marketing that with the new text input the user has more remaining attention to redirect, makes less error, the process is quicker attainable and less tiring. Until the first marketing we could do the remaining development work with the financing of about 10 man-years of information technologists. We are looking for financing partners to the same.


We hire our software tools from MICROSOFT at fair price in the frame of partnership arrangement offered to any business entity.


                                                                                                                  MIE Ltd.

                                                                                             Dezső Fodor executive manager